Thursday, June 13, 2013

Best summer ever?

What's that? SCHOOL IS FINALLY OVER? Thank goodness!

Looking back on this school year, I'm disappointed in the amount of time I spent either upset/complaining about stuff. Looking back, it was actually the best year of all, right? I was cast in two school plays (for the first time, too), I got a callback every term, I got a scholarship and great grades and made it in the final round of the BFA acting sequence. I lived off campus, I tried new things, dated someone, grew out my hair, performed one of the best performances of my life in our directing project of God of Carnage.

This year really was the best one yet.

Dress: vintage, Three Penny Mercantile in Ashland OR
Sweater: F21
Shoes: Payless
Harry Potter tote: Barnes & Noble
Listening to: "Waitin' on a Sunny Day," Bruce Springsteen

This is one of the shortest dresses I have worn in a long time, but I felt beautiful and 90s chic and ready for summer in it. Bring on the shorter dresses!

I am so excited for this summer. I am staying in Ashland, OR the whole time with a new job at the local ice cream shop. The boys next door are staying as is my roommate. I'm turning 21! We're gonna spend every day we can at the lake! I'm going to Outside Lands! YAY!



    PS - You are my favorite/you're really aesthetically and personally lovely/fuck yes best summer ever!

  2. I TURN 21 ON WEDNESDAY!!!! Birthday twins!!!!!! It's too bad you're in Oregon. Which is CLOSE to Washington. But not close enough to get white girl wasted together. PS I love your blog!! I had a hard time deciding which one to comment on. I enjoy your writing :)

    1. EEEEEE! Birthday twins indeed! HAPPY DAY TO YOU! And oh gosh, don't think too differently of me because of the other blog, that's my own personal complaint station, hahaha. All my "good" writings on my tumblr! AAAAAh Happy birthday! Aren't you glad we can go where we want now??? All that's left is renting a car...